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Better for the Earth... and our wallets.
You hear on a daily basis about the environmental crisis and, especially now, I look at my little girl and want to do something (no matter how small) so that I can give her the best chance of enjoying all the things we are able to enjoy. We have a lot of luxuries now-a-days, that even 10/20 years ago we didn't have. If we all start to do little things, they will add up and support in slowing down the impacts we are having on our environment.

The Clothing Exchange was born out of a want to do something but also help people at the same time. Second hand clothing and items is a great way to do this. It means we can all save money by swapping things we are no longer wearing or using and gaining items that make it feel like you've had a shopping spree but with no more space taken up at home and also no money spent out of your pockets!

We will use the swaps as well for a way for other local businesses who are environmentally friendly, low-cost or charity/community groups to raise awareness too.

We are zero waste too, so will ensure anything we use for the swaps are either second hand or borrowed. We are all digital too so you can register on the website to receive your membership number and details which you can show when you swap in/out.

If you're interested in finding out more, getting involved or would like a swap held near you - let me know.